Since the early 1930s Algha Works has produced quality eyewear. Genuine in its originality, Saville Row products are faithfully created the way they have always been; a heritage as authentic as the machines they’re run on. This is Savile Row. The genuine article. A rare find indeed.

All Savile Row frames are engineered from the highest quality rolled gold, a material that is inherently hypoallergenic, durable, corrosion resistant, and radiating superb colour.Gold, a naturally soft malleable metal, has to be alloyed with elements to strengthen it to make a frame. Rolled gold, invented by jewellers, describes a material created by bonding a layer of 18Kt gold to a durable base alloy on to which a final coating of 24Kt gold is applied. This technique means that the gold moves with the base metal as one uniform material, and the thickness of the gold is up to 6 times that of gold plated frames.Each Savile Row frame has an 18Kt gold hallmark guaranteeing its authenticity. Gold, one of the oldest metals to be worked by man, is still as relevant now, securing its place in and amongst today’s modern technology. Timeless.


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